Refuel your car without queues
Why do clients order fuel delivery to the tank?
They don’t waste time at a refueling station when there is no opportunity
They choose convenient time of refueling, even at night
They take the opportunity to pay online by Visa or Mastercard
Just leave your phone number, and that’s it
How does it work?
How does it work?
How does it work?
You specify car location and the volume of the fuel you need.

How does it work?
Choose the convenient time of refueling when your car stays where you left it.
How does it work?
We will deliver fuel directly to the tank of your car.
You can go to bed or do whatever you want.
We will inform when we complete your order

Mobile refueler will come and refuel your car!
You can always check the refueling, especially while your first order.
We are honest
We will take photos of refueling your car and send them to you.
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Первый оборудованный автомобиль-заправщик
39 RUB / per liter
For petrol RON 95 and DT
200 RUB
For delivery and fueling
only within the Moscow Third Ring Road so far
Do you want to try a new way
of refueling your car without queues?